Loblaws Bag Police

I used to enjoy shopping at Vanier Loblaws but since Friday, October 2, 2015, I might have to reconsider.   It appears that Loblaws wants its cashiers to become bag police because I had a rather unpleasant encounter with a Loblaw’s cashier on Friday evening over whether my cloth bags were full enough or not.... Continue reading Loblaws Bag Police

Is splititmining.com a scam?

Most likely. Red flags: 1. Deposits are not properly credited to accounts. 2. There is no way to contact customer service either via email or from the website. 3. The same people run another site bitmineglobal.com with contact information showing only the city and hours of operation. 4. bitmineglobal.com is registered as private – no... Continue reading Is splititmining.com a scam?

Government by Tweet in the USA

Have never seen the Republican Party in such ethical disarray. I actually learned a new word yesterday, and for a Beagle I am becoming a little better informed about politics. The word is sycophant and it means “A person who attempts to gain advantage by flattering influential people or behaving in a servile manner.” I... Continue reading Government by Tweet in the USA

CIBC Investor’s Edge unable to accept online trades for NEO listed securities.

It is March 2017 and CIBC Investor’s Edge customers still can’t place trades for NEO listed securities using Edge’s online application. Aequitas NEO stock exchange which was founded in March of 2015 has recently listed several iShares exchange traded funds. The funds were also delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange so they can’t be traded... Continue reading CIBC Investor’s Edge unable to accept online trades for NEO listed securities.

Daylight Savings Time

As iritating as the Daylight Savings Time is the sad reality is that there are still clocks made which do not adjust to DST automatically. People should stop buying any such obsolescence.